Durashield Glass

• Durashield Bullet Resistant Glass

• Durashield AB Anti-Bandit Glass​

Solar Energy Performance

Reduces solar energy transmittance, thereby reducing cooling loads and conserving energy.

Enchanced Safety

Resists penetration thus protecting people from direct injury or flying glass fragments while maintaining full visibility and light transmission.

Maximum Security

Recommended in places where money is handled, or where the highest degree of security is desired. In most cases, it takes many blows, all in the same spot, to penetrate the glass.

Ultraviolet Screening

Provides protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation and it screens out more than 99% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Sound Control

The multiple layers of plastic interlayer provide excellent sound control against unwanted noise from the outside.

Product Specifications

DURASHIELD has been tested and conform to AS/NZS (Australian /New Zealand Standard) 2343 having the ability to resist ballistic attack measured in the specific requirement.

DURASHIELD-AB is tested to EN 356 classification P6B for anti-bandit protection.

Disaster Protection

The multiple configuration of glass provides strength and serves as a deterrent to injury and property damage against explosions or natural disasters.

Classification Number:

• GO
• G1
• R1

Weapon & Caliber Types:

• 9MM Pistol
• 357 Magnum
• M16 (5.56mm)


• MK 2Z Standard
• 10.2g Soft Point
• M 193 5.56mm
• 9mm 7.4g Metal​
• Semi-Jacketed
• 3.6g Full Metal Case Bullet
• Case Bullet
• Flat Nose Case Bullet

Glass Thickness:

• 30mm
• 35mm
• 61mm