DURAGLASS is four to five times mechanically stronger than annealed glass of the same type and thickness. This is due to stresses in the surface layer. Compressive surface stresses close microscopic cracks and make the glass ​much stronger.

High Thermal – Shock Strength

DURAGLASS is approximately three times as resistant to rapid temperature changes (thermal shocks) as annealed glass. Annealed glass is a brittle material. It breaks under a lowest tensile stress. A sudden change in temperature of about 40℃ – 50℃ is enough to break annealed glass. Tempered glass can withstand temperature changes of 150℃ without breaking. This is extremely important for architectural glass used in facades, especially in the spandrel areas.


When ordinary annealed glass is broken, it forms sharp, knife-like fragments. DURAGLASS Tempered glass however, breaks into small, comparatively harmless pieces, unlikely to cause serious injuries. Its break pattern enable tempered glass to be classified as safety glass.

Temperature Resistant

DURAGLASS can withstand temperatures of up to 295℃.

Area of Usage:

• Bridge And Cabin Windows
• Shower Screens
• ​Bathtub Enclosures
• Sliding Swing Windows & Doors
• Squash Court Walls
• Table Tops