Enchanced Safety

DURASAFE adheres to the plastic interlayer when broken, it reduce the risk of dangerous glass shards glass from falling out.

Improved Security

DURASAFE tends to resist impacts. In multi-ply configurations, it can even resist bullets (DURASHIELD) Bullet Resistant Glass), heavy objects, or small explosions. In most cases, it takes many blows, all in the same spot, to penetrate the glass (DURASHIELD – AB Anti – Bandit Glass).

Sound Control

The dampening performance of the plastic interlayer makes DURASAFE on effective sound control product used in acoustic glazing. It keeps unwanted noise from traffic, aero planes and power tools outside; peace and quiet inside.

Ultra Violet Screening

DURASAFE screens out over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, protecting interior furnishings, displays or merchandise from the fading effects of UV radiation. However, it allows the UV that is required for photosynthesis in plants.

Solar Energy Performance

The plastic interlayer in DURASAFE can reduce solar energy transmittance to reduce cooling loads.

Disaster Protection

DURASAFE can serve as a deterrent to injury and property damage during hurricanes, earthquakes or small explosions. The glass tends to remain in the frame following impact, helping to reduce injury to its lowest level and protecting the interior contents of a building.

Product Specifications:

Glass Thickness: 6.38mm – 80.5mm

Standard PVB Thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm & 1.52mm

Standard PVB Colors: Clear, Blue/Green, Bronze, Grey, Translucent White and Opaque White (Special colors are available with VANCEVATM range of interlayer’s)

Maximum Size: 2500mmW x 6200mmH (Annealed) | W2500mm x H5700mm (Tempered / Heat-Strengthened)

Minimum Size: 300mm x 300mm