Heater Glass is an Electrically Conductive Glass That Offers a Wide Range of Thermal and Heater Glass Performance Property.

Existing heating system has visible heating elements lined across the glass to provide the heat source. However, with the development of technology and advancement of material research, an entirely clear heater glass is now a possibility. The electrical resistance of the coating produces heat energy, which warms the glass until the glass radiates heat. HEATER GLASS provides a very durable coated surface with long shelf life which will not deteriorate or change color over time. Importantly, it maintains high light transmittance with its very clear glass substrate and optimizes electrical conductivity. It is most suited for applications requiring passive condensation control and thermal performance with the lowest emissivity, clearest and most color-neutral visibility. It offers great performance in heater glass applications, combining heater and thermal control.

Heater Glass

Heated Glass

HEATED GLASS has proved its superior electro-optical properties as it was able to melt ice when sent to the south-pole for a heating test.

• Marine – Ship Windscreens
• Commercial Refrigeration
• Heat Reflecting Appliance Glass
• Heated Screens