We can supply Chemically Strengthened Glass from as small as 30mm in Diameter and Thickness from 3mmt to 19mmt.
It is a product which is strengthened by means ​of an Ion Exchange Process.

The exchange takes place when the soda-lime float glass is immersed in a hot molten salt that consists of potassium nitrate. During the submersion cycle the larger potassium ions exchange places with the smaller sodium ions in the surface of the glass. The resistance of the glass surface is increased through ions exchange. Using this process it does not matter what the glass thickness and shape is as the inner ion remains intact and only the surface ions are exchanged. CHEMICALLY STRENGTHENED GLASS is considered as a strengthened glass product with its own special characteristics and is not a substitute for thermally tempered glass.


CHEMICALLY STRENGTHENED GLASS is five to six times mechanically stronger than that of annealed glass of the same type and thickness. It has more impact endurance and shows no optical or chemical deformation.

Temperature Resistance

CHEMICALLY STRENGTHENED GLASS can withstand temperature up to 200℃ yet showing no distortion by the heating.